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Art of Illusion Related Links

Friendlyskies AoI Forum
    An online community based around Art of Illusion. It provides discussion boards, space for people to share their artwork, contests, and more.
Art of Illusion Wiki
    A community-maintained website with lots of valuable information about AoI.
Art of Illusion Scripts and Plugins Repository
    This site maintains a large collection of scripts and plugins for use in Art of Illusion.
Art of Illusion Benchmarks
    This site collects statistics on how quickly AoI runs on a variety of platforms.
Art of Illusion German Board
    A public forum for discussions about Art of Illusion in German.
Art of Illusion Experimental Derivative
    An alternate version of AoI, to which Michael Butscher has added several experimental new features.
Experiments with Art of Illusion
    A collection of Julian MacDonald's work with Art of Illusion. It includes artwork, as well as experiments with different animation techniques.
Yokiyoki's Art of Illusion Corner
    A collection of Yokiyoki's artwork created with Art of Illusion.

Other Free/Open-Source Graphics Tools

Wings 3D
    A powerful, easy to use 3D modeller. Objects can be saved in .obj format for import into Art of Illusion.
    Probably the single most popular freeware raytracer.
    A very powerful 3D graphics studio. It provides tools for modelling, animating, rendering, and more.
The Gimp
    A very powerful 2D painting program.

3D Graphics Programming Links

comp.graphics.algorithms FAQ
    A huge collection of information about many different aspects of computer graphics.
Ray Tracing News
    Essential reading for anyone interested in ray tracing. Eric Haines has been publishing this electronic newsletter since 1988.
Poynton's Color FAQ
    Everything you ever needed to know about digital representations of color, but didn't realize you were supposed to ask.
Coder Corner 3D Programming Links
    A vast collection of links related to nearly every aspect of 3D programming. If something exists, there's a good chance you'll find it here.