© 1999-2015 by Peter Eastman

Are you interested in contributing to this project? Listed below are many possible projects for both programmers and non-programmers. If you have the necessary skills (a strong background in Java programming and 3D graphics algorithms for the programming projects, good writing or artistic ability for the non-programming projects) and think any of these look interesting, please let me know! (But please, do not just start coding. Contact me first! That way I can make sure you aren't duplicating someone else's work, and I can discuss the project with you in much more detail before you start.)

Programming Projects

  • Write scripts to generate interesting objects, or to perform any sort of operation you think other users would find useful.
  • Write a plugin to allow Art of Illusion to import and/or export your favorite 3D file format. Eventually, I would like it to be able to read and write all major file formats. It's unlikely that I'll ever get around to implementing them all myself, though, so this will only happen if other people contribute translators.
  • Write a modeling tool for creating a new type of object. Possibilities include particle systems, human figures, and whatever else you can think of.
  • Write a plugin to let Art of Illusion integrate more smoothly with your favorite operating system.

Non-programming Projects

  • Write a tutorial demonstrating how to use one or more features of the program.
  • Create some interesting textures or materials, which can be added to the collection on the Art of Illusion Wiki.
  • Create pictures that I can post on the web site as examples of what can be done with Art of Illusion.